Survey says: Marketers plan to push more activities online


Watch for marketers to   continue to boost their online marketing activities, while downplaying traditional advertising and tradeshows.

That’s according to an online survey by Naperville-based FusionB2B, which found two-thirds of respondents planning to increase their marketing activities in the future. Internet marketing and social media received the largest vote of confidence, with 97 percent of respondents planning increases in both areas, while 84 percent of respondents planned to increase publicity and 72 percent planned to boost promotions.

Interest in trade shows down

On the flip side, 65 percent of respondents said they plan to decrease their use of trade shows and 70 percent said they will pull back on traditional advertising.

Given that the survey was conducted online, it’s not surprising that the respondents were comfortable with Internet marketing, said Neil Brown, chief marketing officer at FusionB2B.

Companies have moved to the Internet in part because it’s measurable and can be adjusted as new data becomes available in real time, Brown said.  

New measurement tools

Companies are turning to YouTube and Facebook INSIGHT measurement data to learn the age, gender and geographic locations of users, according to a FusionB2B white paper. Others are adding fan pages to their company’s Facebook site or using LinkedIn’s new follow-me offering, similar to Twitter but without the space limitations.

Still, marketers that take an integrated marketing approach using a variety of tactics might realize the most significant results, Brown said. His company combines Internet, social media and public relations tactics for a bigger impact, he said.