Be a Sponsor’s launch coincides with growing interest in entrepreneurship as start-ups create two-thirds of the nation’s new jobs. Individually, small businesses often feel isolated and powerless. Together, small business is big business and is the growth engine of the economy.’s interest on connecting small businesses for dialog and business collaboration makes it unique in the marketplace.   Until now, Chicago-area entrepreneurs have no single news source for the information they need about their business areas and about workable ideas for improving their businesses. They have no united forum to share ideas and experiences, so there is a tendency for each business owner to reinvent the wheel. Typically, small business owners have little time to spend accessing this information, which creates a huge unmet need. addresses these needs, serving as a clearinghouse of timely information.

Locally, small businesses are among the fastest growing, reflecting the ability of entrepreneurship to make a difference in some of the hardest-hit parts of the Chicago metropolitan area. Won’t you be part of this exciting opportunity?